About us

We are Canine Efficiency. An initiative from Ray, Jenny joined in later. Here's our story in a nutshell.
Since his youngest years Ray has a great passion for dogs and Nature. As the name already shows he aims for the most efficient use of (utility) dogs within their purpose. In his spare time he’s mostly active with dogs and Nature.

His two biggest passions, Nature and dogs, which are unseparately connected, lead to the start of Canine Efficiency. With Canine Efficiency he focuses on Nature conservation with effective conflict prevention between man and predator through the use of good livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) in the right way.

Family and friends already knew how to find him and more and more requests from other people are coming through social media or other channels. Advice for the right use of livestock guardian dogs, but also other utility dogs and pet dogs.

Jenny and Ray met each other in the end of 2011, when Ray had his last school day in Velp, and Jenny her first. It was the same education; Eco & Wildlife at Helicon. From there a friendship arose which both didn’t experience before and later this friendship became a love relationship. Not long after they met Jenny had to face ‘big dogs, something with which she didn’t have experience yet and she even was somewhat nervous around big dogs. First she met Ray’s working K9 and later also his own Malinois and German Shepherd dog. In 2012 Jenny did her internship at Ray for which they went to Italy, Portugal and Spain to perform coexistence research. In other words; looking for shepherds, their flocks and livestock guardian dogs. Another year later, in May 2013, they went to Transylvania, Romania, together for the first time. There Jenny met their beloved Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dogs (Ciobanesc Romanesc Carpatin) for the first time, one of the four local livestock guardian dog breeds. The decision  was made to go live there and in 2015 the time was there; they migrated! First to Hungary, beginning 2016 to Romania.

We gained much experience, both in real life as via internet and phone. We gave advice in various countries, in various languages and about various dogs. 

For information and especially for efficient and responsible ‘use’ of LGDs, contact us via email: canine.efficiency@gmail.com and also check our Facebook page CE-Canine Efficiency.

Registered under KVK nr: 74452800

Registered under KVK nr: 74452800