LGD Policy

A robust and sustainable policy for livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) is very important to properly arrange many involved details and to lay the foundation for high quality LGDs and their use.

Such an initiative has been launched in France, which includes part of the required LGD policy. The following charter is built up with numerous rules that partly form a good basis, but which go in the wrong direction in some crucial areas. The following is a detailed explanation of part of this French "NATIONAL CHARTER OF GOOD BREEDING PRACTICES IN LIVESTOCK GUARDIAN DOGS (LGDs)" and some brief explanations from me on the parts that require adjustments.

The aim here is not to simply express criticism, but rather to bring improvements and adjustments. In France, this initiative is still in the starting phase, which makes it possible to include adjustments and / or improvements. I am willing to contribute to this in a collaboration, where I can explain many things in detail. After all, everyone benefits from a high-quality LGD policy. In the Low Lands, we will also have to implement a similar LGD policy, although the LGD "sector" is still very small here. However, I say: better prepare in time than too late.

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