The Bear is loose

Nobody will have missed it: the return of wolves in places where they were absent for a long time. Also, the (re)appearances of species like lynx, golden jackal and raccoon dog. Sometimes also European brown bears appear in places where they normally aren’t present and/or disappeared from a long time ago. About 13 years ago a brown bear ventured into Germany. This bear was however brought to its end quickly, by a hunter’s bullet. “Have they gone mad, these predators! They don’t belong here, because all of this is ours!” We hear at places where predators were never present or where they vanished a long time ago. Not long ago another bear walked into Germany, meaning a bear that has been spotted. 

If we look at it from a human perspective these predators are indeed going mad. Mad from us, mankind, that is. More than a century ago there was an exodus: in all places where these key species of ecosystems lived they were driven away and hunted down, because supposedly there were so many conflicts and all of those were the fault of these devilish predators. Obviously the increasing destruction of nature areas due to the advancing industrialization and increasing human population didn’t have anything to do with it.

The large predators became rare in most of Europe’s places. Especially in large wilderness areas, often mountainous regions, the possibility to exist was still present for predators there. In many of such places predators were never absent and the local people there have centuries of experience in coexistence with these ‘bloodthirsty’ creatures. Because that’s how they are presented by anti-predator people. It remains remarkable that the modern western civilizations, who crowned themselves to highly developed, in reality are not capable to think better than the average brick. The further to the east, the more backwards cultures are, so say the western superiors.

While in reality those ‘backward’ cultures with little technology and innovation peak in several things, the ‘superiors’ create one problem after another. The natural, traditional products from those ‘backward’ cultures doesn’t only taste better: it really tastes like something! Without additional artificial flavorings, preservatives and pesticides. These products also look different, for example: paprika has a paler color, isn’t shiny from wax, has a bulge or dent here and there, one is bigger and another smaller. Thanks to the natural, traditional way of crop- and livestock farming the real top products are found far beyond the western regions. For the moment, because it is vanishing. Why? Because the economic system doesn’t reflect any real values. The system of the developed civilization is based on hypocrisy, sham en deceit from which only few take advantages. Faster than ever this disease of the superiors’ spreads to all sides of the globe. There is no stopping it, because they who won’t voluntarily join in the damaging changes which are called progress, are forced. The bear is loose. 

Nowadays, in 2019, everywhere in the world natural resources are ‘harvested’ to keep the ever-increasing consumption societies going. For the most preposterous products and technologies whole ecosystems are destroyed. That’s civilized and developed, huh? Over a century ago ‘we’ thought that ‘we’ had solved the predator problem and since then we are too big for our boots instead of being steady in our boots. The fingers are actively pointed towards all the other, preferably towards creatures which don’t have a voice, which cannot read and aren’t able to confront us. Or do they confront us? Only few are capable to recognize the fact that we are indeed confronted by those other creatures. Many other creatures on our planet hold a mirror in front of us.

In the past decades we started the mass destruction of large wilderness areas. Clear cutting, transforming a green paradise into a waste land. Except the ‘harvesting’ of these ‘captured’ natural resources also complete wild fauna populations are made homeless. Because of the superior bear called modern society, also the real bears are loose. The absolute core predator populations of Europe, in Romania, appear more on more in places where they normally weren’t present or even wanting to be. They have gone mad, as a matter of speech. Or better said: desperate. All of a sudden their natural habitats and food sources are no longer sufficient for the present populations. Forced and driven by their survival instincts they venture closer to human settlements where the occasionally have a confrontation with one of our kind. Sometimes with a deadly outcome. Also, the other way around there are incidents. Mushroom foragers, hunters and lumberjacks practically venture into the bedroom of bears and sometimes there is a confrontation. Sometimes with a deadly outcome. The hunting scene screams for measures: management is needed! 

The disease of the superiors is destroying everything: Traditional and natural farming, the possibility to relatively easy coexist with large predators, logic and any presence of truth. The bear is loose, but the bullet didn’t shatter yet.