Kuddebeschermingshond KBH vee wolf schaap Canine Efficiency Carpatin

About us

Since 2009 Canine Efficiency works on effective conflict prevention between man and predators through the use of good LGDs in a correct way.  

Our passion and experience is not kept for ourselves. Our goal is to actively work and contribute for the best situations for LGDs and people (that start) working with LGDs. 

Kuddebeschermingshond KBH vee wolf schaap Canine Efficiency Carpatin

Working and living with LGDs results into a clear and realistic vision, aimed towards conflict prevention. Through our work with Canine Efficiency we offer others the opportunity to reach this as well. 

Canine Efficiency consists out of two people: 
Ray & Jenny Dorgelo-Kleine Staarman. Since his youngest years Ray has a great passion for dogs and Nature. As the name reveals he strives for the most efficient use of working dogs within their utility. In his free time he's mostly working with dogs and Nature. His two biggest passions, dogs and Nature, which are inseparably connected, resulted in the initiation of Canine Efficiency.

Jenny and Ray got to know each other in 2011. During Canine Efficiency LGD-work in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Romania Jenny transformed from someone who wasn't to fond of big dogs into a passionate LGD enthusiast. Jenny joined Canine Efficiency. After living  abroad for three years (Hungary & Romania) with as a highlight their wedding on a Romanian sheepfold, Canine Efficiency now is especially active in  the Low Lands territory. 


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