The Circle of health and nutrition

The dog topic has many aspects and therefor is a very dynamic field. In these modern times finances rule the daily life and almost everything is commercialized. In a lot of cases this commercializing is a roadblock in obtaining the best situation. In my article ‘Mans best friend’ one can read how and why humans and dogs bonded. A keyword on how it all started is utility.

Where human kind wanders away from the base; nature, dogs are still very close to it. Unfortunately not so close as they once were, but still. Like I said, nature is the base for everything, all industries and things that benefit us in everything one can think of is nature based and obtains some kind of natural resource. That also goes for dogs.

With the decreasing need for utility dogs, due to industrialization and the dramatically changed lifestyle that runs on economics, dogs suffered a severe loss. Most dog breeds underwent a transformation from utility dog to pet. Breeding selection is often focused on appearance, topping looks over character. Due to this fact dogs are forced away from their natural origins. Bad selection does not only destroy the utility qualities (mental aspect) of dogs but also the physics. Numerous defects, some obvious and some nearly invisible, torture todays dogs which makes utility (natural) dog conservation a real challenge.

The commercial dog food industry grabbed the opportunity to aid multiple dog breeds in their struggle against defects caused by bad breeding selection. We can state: the more humans ignore the dogs nature and origins, the worse ‘our’ breeding results gets. A large variety of defects or weaknesses in dog breeds are ‘solved’ by the scientists of the dog food industry. Numerous varieties of specific breed dog food brands are at hand, all developed for the specific needs of the different breeds. These needs are actually cover ups for all kind of defects that were bred in during time.

Fortunately there still are strong and natural (utility) dog breeds and dedicated people are able to find and conserve them. There still are solutions and alternatives at hand for many ‘defected’ or humanized dogs too. It’s a matter of devotion and constant study to obtain the best situation for each individual dog. The key word is nature. Understanding the dog’s natural language, its ways, its needs and feeding it as natural as possible are just some aspects that will lead to a higher life quality. We are responsible to do so. Don’t breed with a dog that has problems and defects that could be genetic, no matter how hard it can be. Study natural selection and use the knowledge in breeding.

When one has the will and opportunity: feed your carnivorous dog meat, it is the best option and it does not have to be expensive. Providing meat to your dog will create optimal physics and will even help to stop or suppress physical defects for the individual dog. The natural dog food (meat) industry, of course, is also commercializing and many different products are at hand. From almost completely ‘composing it yourself’ to manufactured meat meal packages, it’s all there. 

I am convinced that optimal nutrition, and the will to keep up with the dynamic ‘dog world’, will help to decrease numerous problems. This can benefit dogs with defects, so they can still have a quality life. Of course the most important conclusion is: from now on focus on healthy dogs who are bred by responsible breeders who perform good breeding selection and care with their dogs. And also provide the dog the opportunity to live a life where it can use its utility abilities, that way the dog will be mentally satisfied. If there are questions or needs for specific info on this topic please contact us.