The LGDs CAN do it

All too often we hear: KBH cannot work here (The Low Lands), because ....


These statements come from ignorance, unwillingness and sometimes pure resistance. The reason for this resistance often comes from misplaced fear of predators, sometimes also because of fear of large guardian dogs (LGDs), but often because of the ‘what if’ mentality. In reality, there are very few people who can rightly say that LGDs 'cannot work here', because this resistance is often based on what people have heard, what they have read and in particular; what people make up themselves. All this without any relevant experience with LGDs.


Canine Efficiency works on correct information about LGDs from our own experience with many different working LGDs from other owners and also from the experience of living with our own LGDs. In order to get a good understanding of ​​how LGDs work and what they are like in general, it is precisely that first part that is essential: working LGDs of other owners, in their work area, their territory. A lot is possible with LGDs, but everything starts with an open attitude followed by logical thinking and great commitment to the animals, both LGDs and livestock. Working correctly with LGDs is complex and dynamic. There are a lot of details involved. Both the owner and third parties need to know how, what and why.


When we talk about third parties who come into contact with LGDs, it is important to take into account that a shepherd or livestock farmer is busy with his or her livelihood. The LGDs are an integrated and important part of that livelihood. In my opinion, that is more important than tourist activities and other activities from third parties. After all, in most workplaces, for example an office, outsiders do not come to pass through the work floor. So, it starts with a form of respect for an ancient profession which is visited in that area.


Nature and outdoor areas are often turned into recreational areas. However, this is reversed reality. The nature reserves and rural areas are home to a great diversity of wild flora and fauna and regularly the workplace of shepherds or farmers. Anyone who wants to be a guest in such areas must learn about what’s present in those areas and where the possible risks lie.


Another important detail is the generally limited knowledge and the limited empathy of many people for everything that is different, especially animals. Problems and conflicts with animals are for 99% caused by humans. This applies to both wild and domestic animals. Dealing with animals requires talent and many people do not possess that talent.


LGDs are partly independently operating dogs that often perform their tasks on their own initiative. I have not (had) any problems with working LGDs. This is because I am on the right ‘frequency’, have a positive energy which the dogs sense flawlessly and do not do anything that interferes with their duty as guardians. My experience with a large number of people is that because of little knowledge but also often little respect, they often do stupid things that get them and/or others into trouble. When animals are involved, they are often blamed. Isn't it strange, when man is the most developed and intelligent species?


So, there is indeed a lot of work to be done in the field of LGD implementation, but certainly also in the field of tourists/recreationists. The latter are more difficult to control.


People who don't like or are even afraid of large dogs should not venture into LGD areas. In any case, not without experienced guidance. There are plenty of places to spend recreational time and never ever will all places become accessible to everyone.


LGDs are essential for livestock farmers in predator areas. Where predators have been present for centuries, so have LGDs. Where predators have not been or have been absent for a long time, the same goes for LGDs. The same goes for the knowledge and experience in regard to both. Canine Efficiency lived and worked in the European core area for large predators and working LGDs: Transylvania, Romania. Century-old knowledge and experience are present there and are increasingly coming into contact with modern society. The ‘school’ for many subjects within this field simply takes place here and does not need to be tested or simulated. Here we see dynamics and adaptability doing their thing every day.


The LGDs can do it. Here and without a doubt also there. For anyone who wants to look ahead in a responsible and respectful way, learn and adapt to 'new' circumstances: it is possible. Time is ticking and waiting for no one. You are there, or you are left behind. What do you choose?